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MHL Streamer Dock

Product #: ibmhl-33200

EAN: 854621003144

Take photos and videos with your smartphone camera. Using the MHL Streamer Dock, connect to any flat screen TV with an HDMI input and view the results in stunning high resolution!

With the phone placed in the HDMI dock, you can also stream internet movies from apps like Netflix, YouTube or use your internet browser and stream internet content. Rent movies or stream music from apps like Google Play. Listen to your stored music in digital clarity (Dolby 7.1 output support!) or use apps like Pandora, Slacker etc.

For a wireless experience, use a Bluetooth keyboard and connect the smartphone to play games or surf the internet sitting in a comfortable chair.

With the stylish HDMI Media Dock, any MHL equipped Android smartphone becomes the “gateway” to the internet. Whatever is viewed on the screen of the phone is also seen on the TV screen at the same time, all in glorious high definition. The phone will be charging simultaneously using “USB profile” (trickle charge) while in the Dock.

Downloadable Material
Low res images (JPG 750px x 750px)
High res images (JPG 1500px x 1500px)
Sales Sheet (PDF)
  • Stylish design - looks great anywhere!
  • Works with all TV's with HDMI input
  • PC/MAC sync option - use as desktop Dock
  • Complete kit with Dock & Cables.
  • Use Bluetooth keyboard for wireless control
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