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MHL Streamer XL Kit

Product #: ibmhl-33202

EAN: 854621003144

Connect your HD TV to any MHL enabled smartphone with the iBOLT Streamer XL kit. Any image and sound content on the phone is mirrored directly to the TV screen. Stand in front of the TV, or sit in a comfortable chair to play games, stream video content, listen to music, view photos, surf the internet and more. Content is transmitted in resolution up to 1080p and with 7.1 Dolby surround sound, if supported by the media played.

The “Streamer XL” is a COMPLETE kit with three components. It includes a stylish iBOLT MHL Adapter with a unique 2 meter (6.2’) cable, (compared to the short cable featured in alternative OEM product), a super thin 2 meter (6.2’) HDMI cable and a one amp microUSB wall charger.

MHL is a high definition video and audio interface standard designed for connecting mobile devices to HD TVs. Supports up to 1080p HD video, 60 fps and digital audio output, Dolby 7.1 support. Technology was established by the MHL™ Consortium and is supported by multiple handset vendors. See for compatible devices.

Downloadable Material
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Sales Sheet (PDF)
  • View your smartphones content on your HDTV
  • Play gaming apps, stream video, view photos & more
  • 2 meter (6.2’) cable on MHL adaptor allows for gaming & more.
  • Works with all MHL enabled phones & tablets
  • COMPLET KIT! MHL Adaptor, HDMI cable & wall charger.

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