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Charging/Aux Cable for Samsung

Why is the sound coming through to the car-stereo speakers? What can I do to prevent "static" or "buzzing" noises? Why aren't phone calls being routed to the car stereo?


How do I get the NFC tag to work with my phone?


My charging rate is slow, is something wrong?

Warranty, Returns & Replacements

How long is iBOLT's warranty? Will I need proof of purchase? How do I file a warranty claim? Can I return the product I bought?


Which dock works with my phone?

Dock'n Drive

Where do I download the Dock'n Drive app? How do I make the app launch on my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Other Questions

Is there a users manual for my dock? How do I make the spring tension on my xProDock not as tight? Why isn't there a seperate Car Dock mode on my Samsung?
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